Are you Working in a Physician’s Office? Please Share your Experience!

Assisting with frenotomy
Assisting with frenotomy

Every time we do a workshop about working in a physician’s office we get multiple questions about “What is normal?” “What is common?” “What are other IBCLC’s doing in this situation?” We want to give people answers! Here’s your opportunity to contribute to a body of knowledge that we know is out there, but is not yet compiled! We have created a survey with a few goals in mind:

  1. We want to learn about what all of you are doing. What’s working? What’s not working? How are you billing? How does clinic work differ from home visits?
  2. Can IBCLC’s make a better living working in a physician’s office?
  3. Does it make a difference if you are an RN or IBCLC w/o additional credential?
  4. Begin to develop an “industry standard” for our profession.

Wherever you are.. in U.S. or in other countries… If you’re working in a frenotomy clinic, a pediatric, clinic or working with a chiropractor, etc.. we’d love your input. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Thank you so much. We look forward to sharing the results.

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