At Lactation Practice we understand that your time and money are both valuable.

With that in mind we have 2 levels of service for you to choose from based on how much help you need. Whether you want our complete credentialing service from start to finish or you just need a little guidance, we are here for you! 

    • Complete Credentialing Service for sole provider. $290  This includes enrollment into one database (CAQH for example) all the way to pursuit of a contract with one insurance company. Often that first insurance company is Aetna. If you’d like to enroll with a second insurance company, there is an additional fee of $105 for each additional payor. (Purchased alone this would be $165!)  This is a is perfect for the IBCLC who doesn’t want to deal with the pages and pages of confusing forms and phone calls to insurance companies.

Interested in signing up for our credentialing service?  You can do so here.

    • Contracting Only: $165 Your database is complete (or you think it is) and you just need the final steps to become in-network. This service includes ensuring your database is correct, final attestation of documents and submitting your information directly to the insurance company so that the contracting process can begin. This fee covers the process of attempting to contract with 1 insurance company. If you want to apply to two or more insurance company, each additional payor will have reduced rate of $125 each.

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Additional services:

Re-attestation Service: $150 per year. Once you’re established with an insurance company we can intercept those pesky emails and do all the re-attestation for you! 

Re-credentialing Service:  $125 every 2-3 years depending on insurance company.