Welcome to Lactation Practice!

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Lactation Practice is a result of the combined efforts of Melissa Morgan and Renee Beebe. We have both had success as IBCLC’s working contractually with physicians and with other IBCLC’s. We want to help other lactation professionals and physicians develop a collaborative relationship that works for everyone. If you want to learn about working in a physician’s office, our popular workshop is now recorded so you can learn at your convenience. Here it is! 

Historically, IBCLC’s in private practice have worked independently–completely reliant on themselves to help with all types of breastfeeding problems. In addition, physicians have struggled to support breastfeeding families in their practices with limited time and limited access to current breastfeeding information. It’s time we get together to provide a full continuum of support!

It is our experience that collaboration:

* Enhances parents’ access to skilled lactation support
* Increases revenue for all professionals involved
* Creates better understanding among disciplines

We also realize that most of us, as IBCLC’s, have had little to no training in the nuts and bolts of running a business or even how to conduct a consultation. We want to share what we’ve learned along the way and provide a forum for all of you to discuss your successes and frustrations.

And yes, we want to help IBCLC’s mentor aspiring IBCLC’s so that we continue to have excellent care for all of the families who seek it out.

This site is new and developing. We envision a place where we can support each other in our creative endeavors.

We hope to hear from you!