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Billing Provider: Jen Kowal

I really enjoyed talking with Jen about her business and how she came to use Lactation Practice Billing Service. Here’s a bit of our conversation LP: How did you become an IBCLC? JK: I came to this profession from birth and postpartum doula work. I love working with families so much and have always been …

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Billing Provider: Brenda Dalton

Lactation Practice recently had a conversation with one of our esteemed providers, Brenda Dalton, RN, IBCLC. She talked to me about her practice, and her experiences with insurance billing. Brenda has been an IBCLC since 2004 and has vast experience working in a hospital setting in the NICU as well as teaching breastfeeding classes. In …

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Billing Provider: Beth Brownstein

We’re pleased to have had an opportunity to catch up with Beth Brownstein. She has vast experience related to supporting breastfeeding including birth and postpartum doula work, hospital-based classes, breastfeeding support groups as well as being a home-visit IBCLC.  She’s been an IBCLC since 2011 and is excited to focus more on her private practice, now that her …

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