At Lactation Practice we are passionate about IBCLCs making a living wage. We also believe that collaboration with other professionals can be beneficial for all involved. To that end, we have added a new service: Insurance Billing Consulting!

Our workshop, “Establishing a Lactation Program in the Physician’s Office” has been well attended since 2016. In the workshop we discuss “incident to” billing as well as other billing and payment scenarios.  Billing and insurance both matter if we want to ensure that physicians and lactation professionals get paid adequately for what they do AND to ensure that all families have access to lactation support. And, naturally, we all care about this very much. We have several options available for consulting.

IBCLCs in a Physician’s Office: (Consult with Renee and/or Melissa)

While many physicians are eager to provide lactation services within their practices, they just don’t know how. The billers in their busy practices may not have the time to figure out the various codes and the nuances of billing for an on-site IBCLC. Physicians, billers and office managers want to know precisely how to do this and do it correctly. If you are trying to get a lactation program off and running in a physician’s office and the billing component is vexing you, our IBCLCs in a Physicians Office consulting service can help! Some topics for discussion include:

  • Developing a contract
  • How to approach the a medical practice about collaboration
  • Incident-to billing tips
  • Consultation flow ideas
  • Thinking outside the box and brainstorming help

Billing Insurance for a Sole Provider or Group Practice: (Consult with one of our amazing billers)

You may be largely successful billing insurance on your own, or you may feel you need some individualized help. If you just don’t want to deal with it, we have a billing service just for you. If, however, you just need a little guidance, our Billing Insurance for a Sole Provider or Group Practice consulting service may be perfect for you. Some topics include:

  • Understanding procedure codes and diagnostic codes
  • Coding for virtual consultations
  • Suggestions for appeals
  • What should be included in letters such as appeal letters and medical necessity
  • Trouble-shooting problem claims

Credentialing and Contracting Support: (Consult with one of our credentialing specialists)

The process of getting in-network with insurance can seem convoluted and daunting. If you need our credentialing service we can take it on for you! But if you’re just needing a little help, our Credentialing and Contracting Support Consulting service may be perfect for you! Potential topics include:

  • A little help with CAQH or Provider Source
  • Guidance for getting a contract with insurance
  • Denials from contracting attempts
  • Help with deciding whether to use a group NPI or sole providers

How do you utilize this service?

*Sign up for our Billing Consulting Service in 1-hour increments at $125/hour. 

*Pay for the amount of time that works best for you.

*You will be contacted to schedule your consultation.

*Enjoy your uninterrupted time and expertise with an experienced lactation biller or one of our practice advisors.

What are you waiting for? 

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If you are seeking billing services for yourself as a private practice lactation consultant or for a group, please consider Lactation Practice Billing Service!