This workshop is now online and available whenever you are!

Register for the Workshop for lactation consultants wishing to establish a lactation program within a physician’s office.  This class with Melissa Morgan and Renee Beebe will help the attendee learn:

  • Examples of established partnerships
  • Advantages and disadvantages for the physician, lactation consultant, and patients
  • Possible billing relationships, including details of incident-to billing
  • Common questions and answers


Price:  $50

Length: About 2.5 hours. Take your time and watch as many times as you like! 

Cerps: Apply for Cerps here. 

Location: Our new platform for classes and resources.


Bonus!!!  Attendance of the workshop includes 
 access to a members-only Facebook group for added support.


The contents of this workshop and the support materials provided are the intellectual property of Renee Beebe and Melissa Morgan. All materials are for your use only and will not be shared with individuals outside this workshop. 

We look forward to seeing you in our facebook group so we can continue the discussion!