Thank you for your interest in our credentialing service.  Whether you are working as a sole provider or if you have a group, we have a program that can meet your needs. If you  don’t see what you need, please complete the  interest form at the bottom of the page and we’ll see how we can help you.

Credentialing is a process that the insurance companies use to verify your education, training, and professional experience and to ensure that you meet their internal requirements for serving as an in-network provider on their panel.

Options for Sole Providers

Complete Credentialing and Contracting 

This service assumes you have not even started the process to get in network with an insurance company. Or perhaps who have started but found it too overwhelming. Our credentialing specialists are here to take you from the very beginning all the way to getting your contract. For Aetna, this includes helping you complete CAQH (online database ) correctly. (Other insurance companies may use Provider Source as the database.)  Whether you are seeking Complete Credentialing with Aetna or another insurance company, this is the service you need. No one can guarantee in-network status with any payor (insurance company) but we do our best to facilitate the process.

You can sign up for Complete Credentialing here. 

Contracting Only

You have already completed the data base required for the insurance company of your choice. You’ve done the preliminary work and now you just need someone to help you pursue a contract and make sure everything is done correctly. Please note that we cannot guarantee success getting a contract with any particular insurance company.  Your credentialing specialist will work hard for you but they cannot ensure a particular result.  

Register here for Contracting Only. 


Every 2-3 years we are required to re-credential with insurance companies. Let us do that tedious job for you and you can relax and keep doing what you do best–seeing clients/patients! Re-credentialing fee is $125. 

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Reattestation Subscription

Reattestation is the quarterly process of confirming all your information in a database (CAQH or Provider Source) so that the insurance companies can continue to find you. That service is $150 per year for either your group or you as an individual. We intercept those pesky emails and take care of updating your information for you. Please complete the Credentialing Interest form below if you’d like to take advantage of this service.

Options for Group Practices

Credentialing, Create a Group NPI

If you are managing a group of providers who are all in network with insurance, you may want to bill under 1 NPI for ease of accounting and payments. For this service each provider in the group must already be fully credentialed and contracted with insurance. 

Register here to create a group.

Add a Provider to a Group

If you already have a group established and you’d like to add a new provider to your group, this is the service for you!

Register here to add a provider to your group NPI. If the new provider is not already in network with insurance, we can help them get in network!

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