Do you find yourself dreading the end of the day when, after hours of seeing clients, you face a stack of paperwork ahead of you?

*Do you resent your valuable time being wasted on- hold with an insurance company, waiting for someone to fix the claim that was processed incorrectly?

*Are you excited to get started helping breastfeeding dyads in your new practice but being delayed by the process of submitting your insurance claims?

*Have you calculated how much income or business you could be generating in the time you’re spending typing demographic information into Availity for the hundredth time?

Try calculating this instead:

For a small percentage of what insurance pays you and for a fraction of your time, your claims could be filed quickly, accurately, and with the payment direct-deposited to your account.

We all know there can be kinks in the process, right? Imagine these scenarios: Problem with the way the claim paid? Your biller has already followed up. Question about how to file for an Aetna subsidiary? Your biller knows the process and has your back. Wondering if the baby has been added to the policy yet? Your biller will keep checking and file as soon as s/he is. Out of network requiring baby claims? No problem! In other words–any hassles are taken care of by an expert–many times without your even having to think about it.

I have it down now!! Getting those claims sent over… super quick! Thank you soooo much for your help! (C. K., IBCLC)

We are IBCLCs who understand our business and the unique situations it presents. We have partnered with a team of expert billers to provide this service for you. Here’s how the service works in 3 simple steps:

1. You send us your business information details, and your personal account will be setup and managed in our HIPAA compliant software.

2. After your consultations you transmit the appropriate demographic/insurance information directly to our billers via the delivery method of your choice. Within 5 business days your claims will be electronically submitted to the appropriate insurance companies.

3. Once a month you will receive an invoice from Lactation Practice for 8.5% of the total amount paid (or a $30 minimum monthly fee, if applicable). You will pay via an online link with a credit card.

Behind the scenes details:

Payments will be made by the insurance company directly to you. We will track the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and if a claim fails to pay, we will follow up with the insurance company or contact you as necessary. You may check the status of any claim at any time via a shared document. You will see how many claims we received from you and when the claims were filed to insurance, including any relevant details or problems. You can also monitor claim and payment status on  Availity whenever you like.

Whether you already have a busy practice and are a pro at billing insurance or if you’re just starting out and feeling intimidated about the process, this service is for you!

I want to thank you for your service! I’ve not been able to have this kind of comfort and ease in submitting claims to insurance and and seeing payments so quickly! I’m now, no longer AFRAID when someone in-network reaches out for a consultation. (D.M., IBCLC)

More questions? Check out our FAQ on the topic.

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