Contracting Only, Sole Lactation Provider


Insurance contracting application for lactation consultants (IBCLC).

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This service is perfect for you if you’ve already completed the database(s) (CAQH or Provider Source) and you just need help to try to get a contract (get in-network with) an insurance company. “Contracting Only” takes you through the contracting process with the insurance company(ies) you choose. You can select 1 or 2 insurance companies. You’ll be able to discuss specifics with your credentialing specialist.

This Contracting Only service includes:

  • One assigned Credentialing Specialist who will work on your application
  • Submittal of application to selected insurance company(s)
  • Real-time log of activity on your application
  • Monthly status updates of your application, once submitted to insurance company(s)
  • One year of support throughout the application process

Before signing up for this service, it is important to note that WE DO NOT GUARANTEE an insurance contract due to many variables in the process.  For instance, sometimes insurance panels are closed to IBCLCs and we can’t always know that ahead of time.

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