Billing Service Provider Spotlights

Billing Provider: Katy Linda

11217803_10153812475513448_6760507371136510115_nKaty was one of the first IBCLCs to sign up with our Billing service. At the time she signed up, she was not yet in network with Aetna or any other insurance. She took a leap of faith and has been entrusting us to file her out-of-network claims on behalf of her clients. Once she got her contract with Aetna, she added those claims as well.We noticed that she’s been very busy lately. We also noticed that most of the claims we process for her are, surprisingly, out of network.

So, we asked Katy how she likes Lactation Practice Billing Service so far. Here’s our conversation in a nutshell:

LP: How is the out-of-network claim submission working for you?

KL: “I love being able to easily file out of network claims for families. They have so much on their plates, that taking this one thing off of it can make such difference for them.”

LP: Are you finding your clients like this option?

KL: “Yes! When I say, ‘my biller will file the claim and you should get some sort of reimbursement’, they are thrilled. I was charging extra to pay for this option, but not any more. I simply raised my rates by $15 across the board and I automatically submit the claim for every client.

LP: What a great idea and smart business model!

KL “What inspired me was a quote in a book that basically said that a small business owner needs to focus on service and find something to set themselves apart. So I said ‘Oh! I need to do this for everyone! No one else is doing and and I’ll stand out.’ So… I did and it’s working well. I’m so busy now, I’ve had to hire an assistant.”

LP: Are you happy with your decision to use a biller for your Aetna clients as well?

KL: I am in network with Aetna now and having a biller to submit those claims is great. I do not have time to deal with it. Knowing that someone else is handling it is fantastic. I need time to see my kids!

LP: Thank you Katy! We love seeing successful, cutting edge IBCLCs at work!

Many of our providers are using a billing service just for out-of-network claims. It’s a valued service to offer your clients. If you’d like to know more about our billing service, please check out our FAQ. If you’ve heard all you need to know, you can sign up right now!

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