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Billing Provider: Trine Bradshaw

IMG_6773Trine Bradshaw is a very busy IBCLC in Arizona. She is in network with Blue Cross and she signed up with Lactation Practice Billing Service as soon as we launched. We asked Trine about her business and about her experience with our billing service.

LP: Tell us a little about your business. You seem to be very successful!

TB: I did not set out to run a business. I set out to help other women. I wanted to be the help that I couldn’t find when my first baby was born.  I kind of became a business owner by default, and slowly my business has grown from a client or two a month, to many every week. I need all the help I can get in the business setting, so I can spend time on what I am good at, which is helping my clients.

LP: I think you were the first IBCLC to sign up with our billing service when we launched. What made you feel confident to try a brand new service?.

TB: I talked to Renee at a lactation conference in March of this year, and her openness, and honesty was so refreshing. I had no reservations in hiring Lactation Practice. Renee was very obviously a woman of integrity, and with a purpose. Things always work out when I listen to my gut.

LP: You are in network with Blue Cross. Do you only use the service for your Blue Cross clients?

TB: No, I use it for my cash pay clients also. I always ask if they’d like my billing service to file for them. So far, I have only had three clients say no to the offer. I do not charge extra for this, as it is much more likely to bring me a follow up visit if I file for them.

LP: You’ve been with us for quite a while now. What keeps you with Lactation Practice rather than some other billing service?

TB:  Lactation Practice is SO easy to work with, and all lines of communication are wide open which I appreciate.  But I think it is bigger than just a billing service, what you provide. I feel like hiring you is an investment in our community. We need more women in business, and we need more women supporting each other in our ventures. Paying for the billing services from Lactation Practice never feels like a burden. It feels like a bit of investing in the lactation community.

For more information about our billing service you can check out the FAQ or the “about” page.

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